”I was no longer aware of my condition…” 2007, Malmö


Nobody knew exactly how to explain or put into words this feeling of something different.

Thus, everybody felt it, in some strange way connected to each other like a silent language. Technology had made them not addicted to anything in the sense they were before. Still, they all knew they could not escape, not that they were imprisoned, they simply were beings they did not wish to be. Fragments of poetry was discovered everywhere, it came as a surprise to most people that every empirical analysis of the world failed due to negligence of this fact. The morphic resonance of memory interfered with everything. Some time before the news spread scientists had discovered that due to the nature of memory and memory as the foundation of human life everything had to be revalued.

The only use of knowledge from before this was as proof that everything from now on would be very different, including the knowledge from before. On a basic level it meant that there were no longer a difference between fantasy and reality, dreams and awakened condition, imagination and proof. Everything that was possible to share as reliable facts was now for ever out of reach. The world in every instant became resuscitated in a never ending flux. It was a new terrain for all people and as such it was affected by everyone as soon as it existed in their consciousness. This new ground was before frozen by collective suppression. Then it was firm and stable for most of the time.

Now, for most people harsh to travel hence they shape it, make it possible to step on, with their minds before they walked on it. At this point madness equaled sanity. It is in this landscape we travel, it is in this landscape we fall, tumbling, breaking the fall with our hands. Still, our face clashes in to the earth and earth comes in to our mouths and eyes, in to our system. The border between the inner and the outer world dissolves. We exist in the in between, moving, changing, becoming…


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